Do you know?

Bacteria that exist in our homes are not to be overlooked

These are the common germs that cause sickness:

escherichia coli ​(diarrhea, emesia)

shigella ​(abdominal pain,diarrhea, emesia, shock)

staphylococcus aureus ​(cough, pneumonia)

legionella ​(headache, legionella disease)

salmonalla ​(fever, gastroenteritis)

Candidiasis ​(local itch, pustule)

Food perishing is speed up because of the molds inside refrigerator

Health can be affected after consumption

Bacteria is the origin of smells in surroundings and can breed in any corners.

The smells still stay even home fragrance or deodorant are used.

Are you troubled by these problems?

The unpleasant smell of washrooms
Unable to eliminate smells even with home deodorant
Allergy to moulds
Allergic dermatitis
Sterilizing home in an economic way

All you need is

Dr. Clo!

Disinfect, deodorise, easy to use!

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