Disinfect, Deodorise, Keep fresh

The only USA FDA registered disinfectant product of Korea National & international patents

It is officially proven! Dr. Clo's devices can destroy the Covid-19 virus in just 30 seconds! According to the tests that were carried out, the destruction rate was 99.93% in a span of 30 seconds, therefore Dr. Clo obtains the certificate that proves that it is a maximum utility device which is capable to protect spaces against the virus.

​Safe, easy, effective

Multi-purpose - all-round protection

Kill bacteria and virus in the air, inhibit bad smell caused by bacteria, inhibit breeding of mold for general use in homes, washrooms, offices, refrigerators, or just carry it around wherever you go!

Chlorine dioxide is 100% natural Disinfection through Dr. Clo's patented gaseous diffusion technology without leaving any residues in water or air ​Eco-friendly, harmless to human body, no carcinogens

Effective up to 60 days once activated prolonged protection for you and your family

The only USA FDA registered disinfectant product of Korea Clinical and safety tested ​100% non-toxic


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